If you work, live or frequently go downtown, then you know about how annoying it gets to pay for parking. Well, the City of Lansing is trying to make it easier. According to WILX, the city of Lansing has launched the new Passport Parking app. Since Andy Schor was elected mayor of city, it has been on his list of things to do, and it is finally going live.

The Passport Parking App will allow users to pay for parking at about 2,500 spots all over the city directly on their phone. To get the Passport Parking app, you can go to Apple or Google Play store and download it for free, and you can also manage parking online at passportparking.com. The app will also give you alerts when your time is about to be expired, and you can pay on your phone no matter where you are in the city and make your time around Lansing better.

You can use the app and pay for parking at any space in the city that has a Passport Parking sign or decal. And don't worry if you don't have the app yet or a phone that can download it as the city of Lansing will still accept debit cards, credit cards and cash at pay stations for spots around the city.

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