Eminem, Alice Cooper, Aretha Franklin, Big Sean, Madonna, The White Stripes... the list goes on. All these artists have at least two things in common; First, they are all famous for being awesome at their craft. Second, they all hail from Michigan! And pretty soon, I have a feeling that we'll need to add another group to that list: Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers.

Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers are an indie-rock band based out of Lansing, and according to MLive, they just got a record deal! This is a major happening. Lots of artists and bands work hard to obtain record contracts, with little to no success. However, six years after playing solo shows with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, Joe Hertler and his band mates have signed a record deal with Bad Mascot, a Universal Music Group label. Their most recent album, Terra Incognita, was released under the Bad Mascot label back in February.

Currently the band is touring across the nation! One of the most recent (and biggest) stops that they've made on the tour was on March 20th at the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival. They played a 25 minute set where Joe Hertler, the lead vocalist and namesake of the group, said "I felt like I made a lot of friends... especially in this day and age, it can be hard to make friends. I left giddy. I haven't felt that in a while."

I can say from first hand experience that this band is AMAZEBALLS! I saw them last year at The Loft, and not to be super corny, but the show moved me. It was super fun and light hearted (they were wearing ladies floral blouses) and at the same time, deep and magical and moving. My favorite song, hands down has to be "Ego Loss on Grand River Ave" off of their On Being album. I highly suggest going to see them! They have a few upcoming stops in Michigan. In fact... they are going to be in Lansing THIS WEEKEND as part of their tour. You can catch them at The Loft on Saturday. And of course, you can get more tour info and ticket info just by going to the band's website!