So excited the Farmers Market is ready to feed us as the warm weather is here. Who doesn't love fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, nuts and everything these markets have to offer.  It is Official Michigan's outdoor farmers market season has begun in the Mitten. Last year, even with all the craziness of COVID sales at outdoor markets were very good and will probably be even better now that we are all getting out more.

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Let's Get Ready To Eat This Summer

So, hope your ready for a great summer, and all that the Farmers Market has to offer.

Markets were allowed and even encouraged to remain open during the 'stay home, stay safe' orders, and that’s because of the critical role they play in the food system,” Michigan Farmers Market Association Communications Manager Hailey Lamb said. Steve Grose of Green Eagle Farm in Onondaga said their 2020 farmers market season was their “best sales year ever, really.


I am sure you're  ready, as I am, to shop for local food, and of course do it in the great outdoors with all the fresh air. One of the drawbacks of the Farmers Market though will some things had to go from the farmers market like Live music, and children’s activities were were eliminated, because the focus will be on the food and keeping folks safe as we continue to shop during the pandemic.

If you would like to get to know more about the Farmers markets in your community, get more info at Mifma,ord.

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