I warned about this last week, but Lake Michigan has gotten to be more dangerous and is now more dangerous than it was last year. According to WILX, Lake Michigan has gotten more dangerous not just because of injuries on swimmers but because drowning and deaths have increased around the Lake as well. After a drowning last night in Chicago, the total number of people that have drowned and died in Lake Michigan is at 22, which is 50% more than there were last year.

Last week I mentioned how the National Weather Service told people from Muskegon south and back around to Milwaukee to stay out of the water due to increased chance of death or injury. The biggest problem with swimming in Lake Michigan this year is due to the wind, which can cause bigger waves and bring people further away from the shore or even take them under the water.

So basically if the NWS or anyone else is telling you to stay out of the water, you might want to do that. More on it here. 


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