So the story goes like this: Katy performed at the NRJ Music Festival over the weekend and was completely out of sync, lip syncing, with the track.

For a second, I thought -- how does this happen?

Well, watching the video clears a few things up.

Basically, there are two performances happening.  There is a live performance for the audience and then there is the track/"lip sync" which is aired.

So the mishap here is that the track that was supposed to air, accompanying the live performance, was started early.  That's why, when watching the video, we hear the track cut on...but Katy doesn't appear until a few seconds later... she is visibly off from what viewers are hearing (but not the live audience)... and then the host actually interrupts her performance and invites her to start over because of a problem on THEIR end.

Yes, it WAS a problem on their end.  It really didn't have anything to do with Katy.

So before we get all crazy and start making fun of Katy for having an Ashlee Simpson moment... that's not exactly what happened.  I mean, she didn't break out into an Irish jig or anything.

Sidebar: Some televised events require the track to be aired rather than the live performance, although I somehow doubt that would have been the case in France.  Ha.

We end up hearing Katy perform the song live.  (It's too bad the track thing didn't work out.)

By the way, Katy took home two awards: International Song of the Year ("Roar") and International Female Artist of the Year.

Problème de playback pour Katy Perry aux NRJ... by puremedias