Losing your job is never an easy thing. But when you lose your job TWO WEEKS before Christmas, it can be especially tough.

Less than two weeks before Christmas, workers at an auto supply factory in Charlotte have been told they're losing their jobs.(WILX)

Employees at the CNI Plastics plant in Charlotte said that they found out last Friday that the factory would be shutting down.

The layoffs won't happen immediately. However, their last day will be in February.

According to WILX, the factory does injection molding. It was sold to a company called Adient as part of a much larger deal. And they don't do injection molding. So they are closing the plant.

All the contracts and the equipment inside the building will be sold to another company on the west side of the state. And it's not a partial layoff. Everyone will be losing their jobs.

Video: WILX

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