Michigan has two seasons, winter and construction season. But hey, I'd rather have things spruced up then have signage I can't read, janky walking paths and potholes the size of a small child.

Charlotte Public Schools will be starting the first phase of their three-phase $36 million bond project this summer.

Changes coming to Charlotte

Some of the new things coming to Charlotte High School include a new agricultural learning center, a concession stand between the softball and baseball field, and a new walking path.

Super Intendent Mandy Stewart told FOX 47 that the new agricultural learning center will be an upgraded space for the teachers and home to FFA animals because several students are interested in farming.

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Stewart says that the center will give students a more hands-on experience that will help them with future employment.

The high school isn't the only one with upgrades. Playgrounds will also be upgraded at Charlotte Upper Elementary, Weymouth Child Care Center and the middle school.

You can read the full story on FOX 47's website.

Some other changes coming to the Lansing area

Okemos Public Schools Board of Education also announced last week that they will discontinue using the nickname 'Chiefs.' The board hopes to have the schools mascot changed by 2024. The total estimated cost is $427,327 because the school will have to remove all of the former signage and have it replaced.

In mid-May, Lake Lansing Park North announced potential changes like adding crushed limestone to trails, fitness stations, reconstructed boardwalks, upgraded facilities and new signage.

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