Jaden Smith made plenty of fans happy when he performed for day two of Tyler The Creator's 2018 Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival at L.A.'s Dodger Stadium last night (Nov. 11). He also left them a little bewildered when he declared that the former Odd Future front man was his boyfriend.

"Tyler doesn't wanna say, but Tyler is my muthafuckin' boyfriend, and he's been my muthafuckin' boyfriend my whole fuckin' life!" shouted Smith, who recently dropped a clothing collection with G-Star Raw. "Tyler, The Creator is my fuckin' boyfriend! It's true."

In the video of his announcement, Smith can be seen laughing on stage while the camera shifts over to Tyler, who shakes his finger in disagreement. While the crowd cheered for Smith at the show, the Internet began asking about whether or not Jaden was trolling. Smith could be trolling the entire world with his statement, but you never know.

While Tyler didn't confirm or deny Smith's playful suggestion, he did eventually respond to the rapper-actor. "hahaha you a crazy nigga man," Tyler wrote in a tweet just a few hours later.

This year's Camp Flog Gnaw was an epic one that saw performances from A$AP Rocky, Pusha-T, Tyler, Kanye West, Kid Cudi and more. As should have been expected, it was dope, and it will only make fans expect another dope show for next year.

Do you think Jaden Smith and Tyler The Creator are trolling or dating for real? Watch Jaden Smith call Tyler The Creator his boyfriend and check out some reactions to his declaration below.

See Fans React to Jaden Smith Calling Tyler, The Creator His Boyfriend

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