Michigan proudly has over 7,200 one-room schoolhouses still standing; whether they're abandoned or have been turned into houses, township halls, museums, churches, etc.

It's fun to seek out these hidden historic treasures, many of them RIGHT HERE under our noses! Houses that were once one-room schools are the hardest to uncover.

There are SO many more one-room schoolhouses in our area that we aren't aware of. But thanks to some of YOU, I now know of a handful more...the ones I could get pictures of are shown below.

To see my original post of other Jackson-area one-room schoolhouses,

If any of you know of others that are not mentioned or shown in these two posts, let me know. If you can get pictures and send them to me, even better!

Take a look at the ten pictures below and feel free to supply any info you can on them...thanks!


Former Depot, Clough View

Abandoned Rosie's Diner


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