The vanishing town of Lum (SEE PHOTOS BELOW) resides in Lapeer County. It was founded in the 1880's and almost named Arcade Center...but was finally named after Colonel Charles Lum, a Detroit commander who served in the Civil War.

The railroad was built through the area as part of the Pontiac, Oxford & Northern Railroad (later Grand Trunk Western) in 1884, bringing business and trade to Lum. So much so, that many businesses began to spring up: bank, creamery, general store, grain elevator, hardware store, hotel, mill, pickle plant, saloon, schoolhouse, town hall, train depot and various other shops and stores.

In 1922, the railroad brought less trade to Lum and businesses began closing. Many of these vacant buildings were transported to King's Mill, where some still stand. Both Lum and King's Mill remain unincorporated communities.

Nowadays, the few businesses still in Lum include Lumco crankshafts and a golf course. It's another quaint Michigan location to drive-thru during your next Michigan roadtrip!