Now I'm not sure if all of your children's candy is bad but there is a warning from the Jackson Police after suspicious things were found in candy from this neighborhood in Jackson. There is always some thing like this that happens every year but its strange that there was a warning about all of the candy from a specific neighborhood.

According to the Blackman-Leoni Township Public Safety Facebook, Police took a report of the thumbtack being found in candy given out in the Birdland subdivision of Blackman Township, north of Jackson. The location is off of Lansing Avenue and Police have warned to get rid of your children's candy if you have trick or treated there on Wednesday. There is no further information from the Police or from the Township, but a lot of people are reacting to it.

Plus a lot of people think that this is a hoax but the parent that found the thumbtack in the candy posted about it on facebook. You can see the full post and more on it here. 


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