Now, see, I'm not a very big gambler. I've only played slots at a casino once and I've never actually bought myself a scratcher. I only do those when someone else happens to buy them and the most I've ever won is about $5.

I know my experience, especially with scratch-offs, is probably similar to a lot of people's. However, this Jackson man won a heck of a lot more. So much so he almost couldn't believe it!

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MLive reports the 66-year old man, who wished to remain anonymous, bought his ticket at a Meijer gas station in Jackson where he said he decided to get a ticket after not purchasing one for a while.

To his surprise when he scratched the Michigan Lottery's "$300,000 Winter Spectacular" instant game he was a winner!

Not just any winner of the smaller prizes like most people find themselves as, oh no, he won the actual jackpot.

“When I saw I had won $300,000 I couldn’t believe it," he said. "I kept looking the ticket over thinking: ‘This can’t be right.’"

He then told MLive he had his son come check it over to make sure he was seeing things right and confirm that he won and both stood in shock when it all turned out to be true.

Now, of course, we have to ask the typical question we usually reserve only for hypotheticals "what would you do if you won the lottery?"

Well, our anonymous Jackson winner told MLive he plans on helping out his family and investing the money.

You know, it's always fun to read these stories about lottery winners; however, it definitely is easier to be jealous when it happens right in your town!

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