As someone who grew up in Jackson, moved away for a few and came back to live with my construction working boyfriend, I feel like I have some useful tips and information for you to get through this year's busy construction season.

Of course, a lot of people like to joke that here in Michigan our state flower should really be orange traffic cones but in Jackson, it seems like the projects never end.

However, it is awesome to see all the ways construction crews work to make our city better.

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What Projects Are Underway?

Well, according to WILX, Morrell Street and Clinton Street will both be closed to traffic starting April 26h for work to begin the long-awaited project of rebuilding the "deteriorating" roads.

A bigger project will be a new water main to replace lead service lines as well as sidewalk repairs and replacing pavement to Morrell from Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to Greenwood Avenue.

Of course, there is also the massive project that is the US-127 "diverging diamond" that WILX says is "the first in Mid-Michigan."

How This Affects You

As far as the "diverging diamond" goes, you'll have to stop more, expect delays and just have to slow down and follow the signs. With the other projects, it will take some rerouting if you do need to take either Morrell or Clinton Street.

The water main replacements will be the one that affects more than just the way you drive through town and once the project starts there should be resources for you available as far as signage around the neighborhood goes but for "official" phone and email updates, WILX says you can contact Assistant City Engineer Troy White at

You also will have to keep an extra eye out for construction workers, they deserve to be safe too. One of my favorite quotes to see every construction worker "drive like they are your family...because they are someone's."

Personal Takes As A Resident

First, let me just start with, yes, construction is so inconvenient. Especially when you are in a hurry. So, now you know, can be prepared and plan accordingly.

Now, this is not to embarrass anyone but after moving away for a bit and coming back to Jackson, I've got to say, there are more TERRIBLE drivers than good ones! Especially when it comes to being considerate of others on the roads. I get nervous to drive near where there is construction because I worry more about that bad driver is going to be out and about that day and put me in a dangerous situation. So, this construction season, be considerate and just make a good-hearted effort at being better drivers.

That being said, in Jackson we are also very defensive drivers, which is my favorite type of driver; however, try to keep your road rage, tailgating and speeding out of construction zones. Like I said, those workers may not be your family or friends but I've heard stories when my boyfriend comes home of his coworkers that put in immediate danger because of those who don't want to follow the rules or just play nice.

Lastly, "Road Closed" signs mean THE ROAD IS CLOSED. It doesn't mean "yeah, it's closed for everyone else but you're in a hurry." Not only is it unsafe for you and your vehicle but there is heavy machinery operating and people working. That sign is meant to protect you and others.

All in all, wherever you are this construction season, be aware, be patient, be considerate and get ready to enjoy the new roads when these projects are done!

Next time we'll discuss where Lansing's construction will be but for now, let's point out some roads that are just really annoying to drive on:

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