Construction Takes A Break Memorial Day Weekend

Sincerely, THANK YOU MDOT.

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Let's start this party off with some good news. We know Michigan roads will be packed. And we'll get to just how packed in a minute.

In Michigan we're the land of two seasons (winter and construction), but you're going to get a break this Memorial Day Weekend. Listen up.

Road construction is expected to halt for the holiday weekend, according to Michigan Department of Transportation spokesman Jeff Cranson.

"MDOT will be pulling back barrels wherever possible from 3 p.m. Friday, May 28 to 5 a.m. on Tuesday, June 1," said Cranson. "Though there are some projects where pavement has been removed or bridges are in the midst of major work. where lanes cannot be reopened." (Detroit News)

So the roads might be packed with cars for your trip up north or wherever, but the construction signs, cones, and barrels should give you a little bit of a break.

Fingers crossed.

When Should You Hit The Road?


Everyone has got their own routes to take and times to leave to avoid the hassle that is Memorial Day Madness on the roads.

In Michigan, more than 1 million residents are forecast to take a trip during the holiday weekend -- a nearly 57 percent increase from last year, when fewer than 700,000 residents traveled, due to the pandemic. (clickondetroit)

So when should you leave?

If you can, leaving in the morning or very early afternoon on Thursday or Friday will be your best bet for avoiding traffic. Delaying your trip slightly, and heading out early Saturday morning might also make your trip faster (and save you the cost of a night’s lodging as well).  (

Some folks say it won't matter because it's going to be packed no matter when you decide to go. Especially since everyone has been cooped up and probably didn't get a chance to go last year.

globalmoments/Getty Images
globalmoments/Getty Images

My suggestion is if you can leave before daylight on Thursday morning do that. I know it's crazy early but if you can get stuff packed and on the road by 4 am (earlier if you can), I think you'll be in good shape. Plan for minimal stops and get to where you're going as early as possible.

Everything else is a crapshoot. And coming back? The earlier you can leave on Monday the better. I'd even suggest you get out of wherever you are late Sunday night or first thing Monday morning.

Driving home Memorial Day morning?

Yup. Cause if you go there early Thursday, leaving out late Sunday or early Monday shouldn't be a big deal.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Me. Honestly, I'll be staying home and cooking out on the patio.

But you and the family have fun.

Good luck with that.

Be safe, click it or ticket, and never drink and drive.

And let's be kind to one another. We've all got serious cabin fever and face mask and Covid exhaustion.

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