Yes summer means warm weather, hanging outside, and fireworks to play with. With the new rules for fireworks in Michigan in 2011 more and more Michiganders are buying them, and sales have gone up 50% since then.

But here are somethings that you have to watch out for when using and buying fireworks this summer.

  1. Make sure you buy fireworks from a licensed stand as this will supply safe and legal fireworks.
  2. Read the directions!! This should be known but there were 2 injuries last year related to fireworks.
  3. Make sure you using them in a legal place, so don't use in a public park, church, school, or on the sidewalk cause you will be getting trouble.
  4. Prepare the area where you are using the fireworks to keep everyone in the area who are using fireworks or not safe.
  5. Don't Re-Light Dud Fireworks! Please don't do this. If a firework doesn't light don't re-light just put it in water overnight and dispose of it or it could cause a fire.

To learn more about firework safe MLive has the full story.