It kind of makes sense, you come out of the store or doctor's office or wherever you were and you pull off your face mask and put on the review mirror to keep it from getting on the floor so you don’t step on it you know where it is next time you get to the store. Did you know it could also cost you in Michigan?

Seriously, it’s against the law to hang anything from your rearview mirror in the great state of Michigan. Wanna test it?  I wouldn’t because Lonnie Ray Davis already did in 2007 and lost.

According to, he had a "small 4 inch Tweety Bird air freshener" hanging from his rearview mirror, and a police officer in Westland Mi saw it, pulled him over and found a lot of stuff Lonnie wishes he hadn’t.

They ended up finding a loaded handgun, an open bottle of liquor, cash, and some cocaine. And he probably would have gotten away with it, if it hadn’t been for the pesky little bird air freshener hanging from his mirror.

He went to court and got slapped with federal gun and drug charges and sentenced to jail. says he tried to appeal based on the air freshener not being a probable cause, but because the law is written so vaguely, it was tossed out.

According to, MCL 257.709 states,

An object that obstructs the vision of the driver of the vehicle, except as authorized by law.

Pretty vague, but still the point is, they can ticket you; reports that the ticket will cost $100 if the police do pull you over for hanging your face mask on your rearview mirror.

Don’t risk it... stay legal.

Shout out to my colleagues in Rockford, Ill. and Princeton, NJ who inspired me to look into this for Michigan.

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