To mask or not to mask? That is the question.

And we've reported several times about the face mask meltdown.

Seemingly normal, full grown adults losing their minds over face mask mandates and or restrictions.

It's commonplace in today's world. And most stores have instituted a no mask no service policy.

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But that hasn't stopped people from behaving badly and expressing their displeasure with what's going on in the world. Especially our friend here in Anchorage, Alaska at the Midtown Walmart location.

He goes from "godly man" to dropping all matter of f-bombs and getting in the face of an employee (several employees) asking him to leave.

Peep the meltdown that's gone viral here.

Is this OK? Because you'd have to imagine if your kid reacted this way in public to something he didn't want to do you'd discipline him right? A time out?

Some folks think this was a full blown mental break down.

But while some people can't get over the oppression angle of this, does it mean that it's perfectly OK to go off on someone probably making minimum wage in a big box store who's just doing their job.

Some stores are following mandates put forth by local governments to stay open.

And if they don't they could get fined or shut down.

And it's weird because this brings to mind that whole "gay wedding cake" argument from a while back.

One argument the right-of-center mask dissenters frequently make has to do with private businesses supposedly violating the rights of the maskless by refusing to serve them. This is ironic, given there is a substantial overlap between that group of people and the folks who argued that bakeries should be able to say "no" to gay couples. (Inforum)

And now the CDC is saying businesses should avoid confrontations with clients when it comes to face masks.

Take a look at more adults behaving badly over face masks here.

Wear one or don't that is your decision. However, having a meltdown and putting some poor employee through it for following instructions from their boss is wrong.

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