We might be adding "The Heatwave" to the "2020 List".  Yup, the weather folks are saying this could be a 100 year heatwave the likes our grandparents have never seen.  Why not right?  It's 2020!  The year that just keeps getting worse.

Or it could just be another dire prediction.  So many of our friends will always say it was like this when we were kids but I don't remember it being so hot that I started seeing things.  Sure it happens in the movies where the guy is crawling through the dessert but come on we're in Michigan.

However, I do remember seeing what could be called a mirage.  Maybe you'll know what I'm talking about.  I still see these things to this day.  Ya know when your on a road on a hot day and it crests ahead and at the crest you see what looks like water?  Is it just me?

Well anyway, it may get hot enough to see an actual mirage.  Apparently, in heat that we're having, mirages may appear over Lake Michigan and they have a name.  They're called "superior" mirages because they seem to float above the horizon.  People have said they've seen ships and buildings of Chicago even though we can't possibly see them from hear.

Conditions would have to be right.  It has to be a hot, quiet day with very little wind.  Wait a minute.  I believe that's the forecast indefinitely.  Look, we'll be at the beach in the sweltering heat with several "bevies" under our belts.  We're going to see things that aren't there no matter what.

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