Michigan made national news with Operation Gridlock and that protest against the governor.

We did it again when folks stormed the capital (some were armed) and screamed at police. 

And just earlier this week, after the governor issued the statewide mandate about face masks, we made national headlines again.

We've all seen backlash from people about Covid-19 related issues in Michigan. Anger at the governor, thoughts on overreach, lockdown, mandates and so on.

But the violence right after the mandate about  face masks is front and center right now.

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With Covid numbers rising (some southern states smashing records on the daily), mask mandates are popping up everywhere.

States are slowing implementing it. Big box stores are doing it (Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Kohl's).

And folks are still fighting back against it.

But where is the anti-mask movement most prevalent? What state has the most backlash?

As mad as Michigan is, it ain't us.

That dubious honor goes to one of the states with the highest number of cases in this seemingly Covid-19 resurgence after the lockdown.

Your winner...ARIZONA.

Arizona is the most resistant state in the country when it comes to wearing masks, according to a recent study examining anti-mask activity online.

After Arizona, the states with the most anti-mask online activity are Nevada, Florida, Idaho and Maine. (USA TODAY)

How did they come up with this list? You can peep their technique and a handy map of widespread anti-mask sentiment on- and offline here.


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