So I decided that a change of scenery in the building would be a good thing for me today while I write what is now going to be my next blog of the day... so I walked downstairs to have a seat in the lovely newly built year old conference room with my laptop to get some work done. Now being a very visual person and aware of my surroundings I opened the blinds so I could see out the window and decided to turn on the lamp next to the couch I'd be sitting on to make it a little more cozy.

Now after a solid 15 minutes of playing with light switches, carefully inspecting the lamps for a switch and finally finding the little spinny thing on the cord that some lamps have and still no light a metaphoricle light bulb went off in my head! What do you think I discovered?!? Well, this:

NO LIGHT BULBS IN THE LAMP AT ALL! There's even paper shoved into the socket meaning that there have NEVER been light bulbs in these lamps over the course of the year that we've had them in our conference room! AND one of the lamps isn't even plugged up!?! Are these clearly expensive and functional lamps meant solely for decoration? Who decorated this conference room, because you totally forgot them and I'm busting you! And why has it taken so long for anyone in the building to try to use these lamps? My feng shui is totally off now!