Crayola announced in a Thursday tweet that the crayon known as Dandelion in its 24-count box is being replaced.  Crayola referred to Dandelion's exit as a retirement but I'm most certain that he is not being plucked from the colorful field of his own free will.

Nevertheless, Fox News reported a replacement would be announced on Friday morning in Times Square.  But Crayola is apparently taking us on a ride, giving only a hint as to what the new color will be -- that it is a member of the blue family.

Replacing yellow with blue?  What?  Come on!  Replacing a happy color with a color that doesn't just represent sadness, but is the actual word that some people use to describe a morose feeling?!?

Kids' pictures may never be the same.  I mean, tell me -- what will they use to color the sun??!!  Plain old yellow?!?

Today is National Crayon Day, so here's a quick gallery of my kids' work.  In protest, none were created using crayons.  Hmph.

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