This is gonna sound like an infomercial but for just $20 you could buy your piece of Michigan State Basketball. The piece of MSU Basketball you will get will be a 4-by-4 section of the teams practice floor.

To know where you can buy it, you will have to travel to the MSU Surplus Store, 468 Green Way, in East Lansing beginning at 7:30 a.m. on Friday.

About 600 sections of painted and unpainted floor are available for in-store purchase. There are no online purchases, no online sales this week, and anything additional will be put out next week, so if you miss out this week you may have a chance next week. Finally, just a note that each piece weighs approximately 80 to 100 pounds each and multiple pieces will not fit in most cars.

To see more about it, The MSU Surplus store has more from their facebook below.

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