If you are runner in the Insane Inflatable 5K this weekend you will see me hosting the race, also here are some last minute details on the race and how to save money on your entry into the 5K.

  • Save Money - You can save some money right now on your entry into the race, just by using their Christmas in July sale. You save $14 off the entry price. You get more details about it and buy tickets here. 
  • Course Overview - If you have never been in the II5K, its not a race but a fun run! You will be climbing up, sliding down, and falling all around all of the inflatables that the 5K will breeze by. Plus you can run, walk, skip, or jog to everything. To check out some of the inflatables, its here. 
  • Location - Uncle John's Cider Mill - 8614 US-127 St. John's MI 48879
  • What Should I bring? 
    • First you need your ID to get your number for the race.
    • Next probably some cash for parking or drinks afterwards.
    • Sports clothing or comfortable clothing - trust me on this when you are sliding down inflatables you want to make sure you are wearing something comfortable.
    • Friends and Family to root you on, as spectators are FREE to watch the fun run.
    • Maybe bring another bottle of water as there will be water stops along the way but we all get thirsty
    • A change of clothes, this is kind of a must as after doing the 5k and the inflatables you may get dirty or will want to change.
    • More about what you should have and not have, is here.

Also You will see me at the starting and finishing line hosting the Insane Inflatable 5K all day on Saturday. And as you can tell I'm ok with climbing up these inflatables.


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