The Lansing-Area community members are planning on taking legal action to fight a road that is to be built through Ormond Park.

According to WLNS, the group known as the “Friends of Ormond Park” will file an emergency restraining order today to stop the road from happening.

The reason for the uproar is because the construction has started already this Friday. Trees were starting to get chopped, and flags were posted, and this anger some people near by.

According to the Mayor, the Grosebeck Golf Course is in need of another entrance and this road through the park was the best option. The road is expected to help the golf course in making money back that they lost over the years without this road.

The community and city council fighting it are looking for more details on the construction and how it will affect safety for the children who play there. The park is expected to lose about 1/3 to 1/2 of its size if the road is built through it.

This story is still developing but should get more about it tomorrow.

Here's a story from June about this issue as well.


UPDATE: Construction has stopped and the Mayor and the community group will discuss this more. More about it here. 


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