A new year symbolizes new beginnings, a fresh start and being able to fill a brand new planner to keep your life a bit more organized!

I don't know about all of you but 2020 was a year where a lot of things written in my planner were crossed out or had a "cancelled" sticker slapped over it. Now, as someone who prides themselves on keeping a pretty planner it was all just so disappointing.

One of my favorite parts of the transition from one year to the next is getting to pick out my new planner! It is my lifeline and keeps me on track throughout the week.

Now, I am very particular about every little thing that makes a planner what it is which is great that there are so many awesome customizable options to fit everyone's needs.

Sure, we live in a time of technology galore so why would you need something as simple as a planner?

For me, I am the type of person that has to physically write things down and there have been plenty of times where my planner has saved me from forgetting about upcoming meetings, family events or even bills being due!

When it comes to picking out my planners I follow this criteria that may help you as well:

Planner-Picking Criteria

I know planners might not be for everybody and it may seem like a silly thing to be so particular about but when it is something that you enjoy, that truly benefits you and your lifestyle and just helps you feel like you've got your "poop in a group" you should make sure it is exactly what you want!

I love nerding out about my planner and I ain't to proud to admit it!

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