I know its very hot today and it will continue to be this hot for the next three months and if you don't have air conditioning in your house you can make one, I'll help you.

There are a few things that you need to make one first:

  • A cooler, preferably made of plastic or Styrofoam so you can cut through it.
  • Two Water jugs, frozen. You can get two milk cartons and fill with water and freeze it.
  • Two pipes. I used paper towel rolls but you can use PVC pipe or a thicker pipe.
  • Scissors.
  • A small fan.
  • About 30 mins.

Below you can see the quick steps on how to put it together and how this little thing can cool down a room in about an hour or so. Basically the air from the fan circulates though the box while the ice bottles cools the air and leaves out the only two exits. This is also a fun thing to do with you kids or friends and you can make it from a ton of things around your home.

Another note: be careful when cutting through the cooler as you want to try and measure it as best as you can so the fan and piping can fit better.

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