The Delaware Copper Mine was in full operation between 1846 - 1887. It had a total depth of 1,400 feet, which contained ten different levels of mine shafts. It's located in the U.P.'s Keewenaw Peninsula, 12 miles south of Copper Harbor, 38 miles north of Houghton and along US-41.

For some reason, the mine is listed as being in Mohawk, which is actually seventeen miles away! But it's actually a few feet north of the Michigan ghost town of 'Delaware', and you can read my previous post about the town by CLICKING HERE.

Nowadays, from June through October, you can visit and get a mine tour of the first level only, due to the fact that all other levels are submerged underwater. The pictures below show what some of these underwater levels look like - the old tunnels with abandoned mine cars, tracks and other items. Kudos to the brave souls who took the dive AND the footage.

By the way, it's believed by some that the original miners introduced the pasty to the Upper Peninsula. Evidently, the miners were mostly from Cornwall, England and the pasty was a homeland favorite.

Take a tour when you take an Upper Peninsula/Michigan roadtrip!

Find out more about their tours on their website by CLICKING HERE.


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