This is going to be a big job this year and probably next year as we continue to fight the coronavirus. Million of dollars will be spent in Michigan and billions will be spent around the country to fill contact tracer jobs. Now before you go thinking, "this job seems easy", its really not as it is a big part in battling the virus and you will have uncomfortable calls to make.

First off, you have to contact people that have contracted the virus, which can extremely uncomfortable, but you also have to tell what is next and also to talk about their health. Next, you have to find out who that positive person may have come in contact with. This is a long part of the job because you will have to ask some personal questions to the positive person as well as do a little detective work. After you find out who this positive person may have come in contact with, you will have to contact those people to tell them to be alert of symptoms and to even quarantine for the next two weeks. That last part is the tough because you may reach someone that doesn't want to quarantine or even hear what you are trying to tell them.

If you are up for all that comes with this job than the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services could be hiring you. This isn't going to be a first come first get the job kind of a thing either, this is going to be a job where they are picky. According to MDHHS when talking to WILX about who they are looking for to fill this job,

“They’re not going to be some random people off the street. Health departments are going to be looking for individuals with public health backgrounds; nursing, social work, community health backgrounds.”

Interested in learning about more? MDHHS has more about the job here, and they will have an official application coming in a few weeks.

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