Actually just don't launder money, but also don't try and clean your money this way either. This story is wacky and perfect for the time because we are all a little worried about contracting the virus.

The story starts with a person living in a city outside of Seoul, South Korea. The person, scared of contracting coronavirus from money or bank notes, took an unspecified amount of $50,000 won notes and put them in a washing machine. This obviously is not the right thing to do and it severely damaged most or all of the bank notes.

You might be thinking, a $50,000 won is a lot, but $50,000 won equals about $42 in American. Still though this is very sad for that person as several won notes were damaged and the person tried to get them exchanged for new notes at the bank. Fortunately this person was able to get some new currency, but only some not all of it back. According to the story from the Associated Press, the person got back about 23 million won (or $19,320 American )but it didn't replace all of the damaged money.

Please though don't put paper money in the washing machine because it will damage your money. It could even cause a fire so don't do this!

This strange story isn't the first one this year about putting money in places they don't belong. Someone also in South Korea earlier in the year put money in the microwave to "clean" the money so hopefully this story discourages people from putting more money in appliances.

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