Come on man.

Let me start with the fact that most companies spent upwards to $5.6 million dollars per 30 second per Super Bowl commercial on Super Bowl Sunday.

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So we know a lot of research and development and audience testing went into making sure each commercial hit the target demo right in between the eyes, tugged all the heartstrings, hit all the notes, and did everything to be memorable and make an impact right?

Take Jeep for instance.

The theme? ReUnited States of America.

The imagery, the tone, the scenes, THE FREAKING BOSS Bruce Springsteen. It don't get much more American than that.

Honestly, I was getting swept up in the commercial when I saw it and at the time I had only one real question about it. Why was he driving off, down a road in what seemed to be the middle of winter in a jeep with the top off. He was wearing a coat and a cowboy hat but no top on the Jeep?

Jeep ReUnited States of America forgot Michigan's U.P., Alaska, and Hawaii
Courtesy of Jeep via YouTube

And then at the end of the commercial the tagline.

Jeep ReUnited States of America for got Michigan's U.P., Alaska, and Hawaii
Courtesy of Jeep via YouTube

Look at it.


How are you gonna spend all that time talking about reuniting the United States of America and forget a huge chunk of it?


And while I'm at it, WHERE THE H*LL IS ALASKA & HAWAII?

Mind you Alaska is the BIGGEST STATE IN THE COUNTRY.

Who missed this?

This is just about as bad as that time when Mt. Dew DIDN'T FORGET THE U.P. but thought it was part of Wisconsin.

So not sure if it is for artistic reasons but in Mountain Dew's new ad campaign they reference the U.P as being in Wisconsin. Um......no its not. And the Upper Pennisula isn't happy about it.

Read More: Mountain Dew Forgets The U.P is in Michigan | https://975now.com/mountain-dew-forgets-the-u-p-is-in-michigan/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

And the only reason I can think that Jeep committed this gigantic faux pas is "for artistic reasons".

But trust me we (Michigan, Alaska, and Hawaii) are not happy and are gonna let 'em hear about it.

The Pure UP Facebook group is pissed...

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