So many of us are cooking a turkey for the first time this year. Frankly I have never attempted to cook one myself, but if I did I would deep fry it. I've been fortunate to have family who cook or have been invited for Thanksgiving at a friends house. How hard can it be to cook a turkey? I guess you can under or overcook it. Or everyone's biggest fear, a dry turkey.

Now you can get turkey insurance if you fail at your turkey dinner. Whole Foods is offering it. Check out the Whole Foods protection plan

Starting now, purchase your Whole Foods Market turkey and pick it up in-store or have it delivered* to you by 11/22/20, and you could be eligible for turkey “insurance” – just in case you commit a turkey cooking fail.

Pretty cool huh? Might give you a little confidence boost. Maybe I'm alone on this, but I've never had a turkey cooked so bad that you could not eat it. Yes there has been years that it was a little dry but that's what gravy is for. Right? If you are cooking a turkey for the first time, why not have someone cook a back up turkey? Then there's plenty of leftovers. Good idea?

Where are you spending Thanksgiving this year? Are you or anybody cooking a turkey for the first time?

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