Hot dog and home improvement lovers all over Michigan got some disappointing news recently when they were told hot dog vendors would be leaving their usual spots at Home Depot stores across the state.

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Did Your Local Home Depot Have One?

Now I'm not going to lie, I did not know Home Depot had their own hot dog stands until today and now I'm not only mad at myself for not taking advantage of it all these years but I'm disappointed I can't go. I'm also jealous of other cities that did have one at their local Home Depot.

Especially considering I have been to that store more in the past six months than ever now that my boyfriend has been renovating a house...being able to fuel up with a hot dog before arguing over shower tiles would have been a dream.

I would have loved to have one in Jackson...though I do remember one Black Friday they had donuts for everyone and that was pretty nice. But still, a hot dog would have been the!

Why Home Depot Decided to Stop

According to Click On Detroit, the store asked their "in-store food vendors" to suspend their operations here in Michigan in March of 2020 due to COVID-19.

Now, Home Depot has since made a statement that, Click On Detroit reports, said they have decided to suspend the food vendors indefinitely "so we can focus on serving customers with their home improvement needs."

"This news was shared with vendors a couple weeks ago, and we appreciate the years and partnership and wish them well in their future business,” the statement finished.

Click On Detroit says one of the main Michigan Home Depot hot dog vendors, Hot Diggity Dog announced they would not be returning at request of the store.

People Are Steaming

Hot Diggity Dog's post alone got around 9,000 shares and over 2,500 comments. Now, there is a petition, "Bring Back Home Depot Hot Dog Stands", is fighting the decision made by Home Depot.

The petition at this time already has over 600 signatures out of its goal of 1,000 with messages from people who love to help out local businesses and giving shoutouts to their favorite "hot dog guy."

Honestly, I don't blame people for wanting to fight this decision. Especially considering Home Depot didn't really give the best reason...or at least a very specific one.

How would a hot dog cart at the entrance and exit of the store hinder employees within the store's ability to serve people's needs? What is the real reason here? Is there a big Home Depot Hot Dog mystery on our hands?

We can only hope we find out and get those wonderful wieners back in our communities!

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