Let's hope the weather isn't so bad this weekend cause then we'll be able to see a lot of Hot Air Balloons this weekend across Mid-Michigan. It's all because of the "Hot Air Jubilee", which is this weekend, celebrating 36 years in Jackson.

The "Hot-Air Jubilee" is a 3-day event that draws in thousands of people to Ella Sharp Park. There will be about 25-30 balloonists that will launch and fly all around Mid-Michigan this weekend. Unfortunately if you are looking to take a ride in one, the general public is not allow to take off, but vendors will be there to set up a ride in the park for people to go on at a later time.

If you want to check them out the best times to see them according to people who are running the event, its at 6am and around 6pm at night. You can see more on the jubilee here.

Again this all may not happen if Thunderstorms and lightning come into the area. So check out the forecast before heading out there.

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