Take your worst headache, migraine, hangover and multiply it time several hundred. Film it. Then post it online for everyone to see. It might look a little like this. The thunk and the slow mo replay just intensifies the video.

It's a block gone wrong. Head, meet backboard. Body, meet the hardwood floor. This looks painful. To watch and experience. Sidebar, he was ok afterwards and HE DID GET THAT BLOCK!

Video: Zachary Garrett Reed via YouTube

Link to VIDEO with thanks to Skubie Mageza KWQC-TV6 @Skubie3Mageza via Twitter

North Centrals Blaise Meredith tries to chase down a block and gets punished by the backboard. Don't worry he was ok and went back into the game moments later.

Apparently, this happens more times than not. Even to the GOAT Michael Jordan dating back to his college days.

Video: ACC Digital Network via YouTube




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