While some houses go on the market and there are endless pictures to scroll through showing you what it is like on the inside, there is an air of mystery around this one. Listings say owning it would be a way to "preserve some of Jackson's history" and call it the "Withington Mansion"...but what does it all mean?

Now, let's go on this journey together, maybe we can get to the bottom of what is so significant about this Jackson home, why there isn't more photos and what all you're getting should you buy it.

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The Historic Home's Listing

When you search the address multiple real estate sites show only the same four photos:

Mysterious Withington Mansion in Jackson, Michigan

Take a look inside this home that is said to be a part of Jackson's history...though, what part is a bit unclear.

It's not that we think it is ugly or anything, but just what is going on here?

We know it has been around since the late 1880's so that in itself is historic. Even the listing says, "Oh if walls could talk this property would have some wonderful stories to tell."


Setting Out on Our Own

If you search "Withington Mansion" information about a General William H. Withington comes up, including multiple other spots in Jackson bearing the Withington name.

Could this be what we are looking for?

General William H. Withington: A Michigan Civil War Hero

He was born in Massachusetts in 1835 and, SNAC Cooperative shares, made his way to Jackson, Michigan in 1857 when he got a job overseeing prison labor for a contract with firm, Pinney & Lamson. Withington. He then acquired the firm, co-founded his own company, Withington & Cooley Manufacturing Company.

In May 1861, SNAC shares, Withington then joined the Michigan Infantry Regiment, 1st, and was captain of Company B, "the Jackson Greys."

That's where he began his military career and Experience Jackson says "General Withington was key to the Union’s success during the Civil War."

At the first Battle of Bull Run at Manassas, Virginia, SNAC shares he was taken as a prisoner of war in July 1861 and was released in January 1862. He received many honors over his Military career, including the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1895.

Photo Courtesy: Congressional Medal of Honor Society
Photo Courtesy: Congressional Medal of Honor Society

He then returned to Jackson after his discharge where SNAC says he then served as a Representative of Jackson County and as a Senator of the Sixth District in the Michigan State Legislature (in total from 1873 to 1892).

We dive into Withington's history because, the timeline could make sense that upon returning from war and serving as a representative in Jackson, he could have lived in the home that started this whole journey.

Remember, that Zillow listing says the home was constructed in 1887?

If my theory is correct, he and his family lived there from 1887 until either they possibly moved or General Withington passed in 1903 (his grave still sits at Jackson's Mount Evergreen Cemetery).

Owning a Jackson Historical Figure's Home?

General Withington's sacrifices and dedication sure had an impact on the city. So much so, Experience Jackson says Withington Park is named so to commemorate him. The park, according to the City of Jackson, is a 1/4 acre located at 410 W. Michigan Avenue and features a Veterans memorial as well as green space.

Image Courtesy of Google Street View
Image Courtesy of Google Street View

If my theory is correct, that's really the only research I have found about this man and anything bearing the same name as the "Withington Mansion", owning this home could absolutely be a way of preserving Jackson's history, just like the listing says.

How can we confirm this from here?

I guess schedule a tour, go off of my research, make some phone calls, bust out a Ouija board (as an experiment), whatever you'd like! Let's get to the bottom of this.

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