Edward N. Hines, that's who. Without this innovator, our nation's roads and traffic might not be as organized as it is today....and he was from Michigan.

Hines (1870-1938) was a member of the Wayne County Road Commission for the years 1906-1938. Among his accomplishments:

1) In 1890, he put together an organization to develop county roads.

2) In 1909, he saw to the construction of the first mile of road pavement made of concrete (between 6 & 7 Mile Roads as part of Woodward Avenue in Detroit).

3) In 1911 came up with the idea of a line down the middle of the road to separate two-way traffic. He got this idea while watching a horse-drawn milk wagon leaking a line of milk down the street. An idea as simple as this has become one of the most important (if not THE most important) ideas in American and international road travel.

4) The removal of heavy snow from public roads and streets.

5) In 1916 Hines was among the people that formed the Detroit Automobile Club.

Have you ever heard of this guy? His ideas and involvement with other Michiganians influenced the way THE WHOLE WORLD traveled by automobile! It's another home-state boy that made his mark in history...but there's so much more he did.

To read more about Hines, there's a great article on you can check out by CLICKING HERE.


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