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A new tearoom just opened in the Grand Rapids area and I'm eager to get my hands on as many cucumber finger sandwiches as I can. It got me curious though, where else can you enjoy an authentic high tea experience in West Michigan?

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Tea Time

What originally arose out of a need to stave off hunger between meals is now a staple of British culture. But did you know there's actually a substantial difference between the time of day in which you enjoy your tea?

Typically served around 4:00 p.m., Afternoon Tea was reportedly created by Anna the Duchess of Bedford as a means to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. This was at a time where dinner was usually served around 8:00 p.m. Typical Afternoon Tea fare features a lighter menu of cakes and tea sandwiches.

Conversely, High Tea is a more informal meal that is consumed post-work hours and features a heartier spread of hot dishes and more filling snacks. Instead of taking your tea in the parlor as with Afternoon Tea, High Tea is often consumed at the kitchen table with high-back chairs, which gives this tea time it's namesake.

Here's where you can enjoy an authentic tearoom experience in West Michigan:

Henderson Castle - Kalamazoo

Google Maps
Google Maps

Any time is a great time to visit this historical Kalamazoo landmark, but you'll especially want to visit Henderson Castle at tea time. During their High Tea service you can enjoy an assortment of sweet and savory snacks along with a pot of loose leaf tea and of course, great conversation amongst friends. Tea is served Wednesday through Sunday and advanced reservations are required.

High Tea - Grand Rapids

Google Maps
Google Maps

West Michigan's newest tea room is located in Grand Rapids' Wealthy Street neighborhood. According to their website High Tea offers "an immersive experience that brings a classic British tea time tradition to Grand Rapids."

In addition to tea High Tea offers juices and mocktails, in addition to finger sandwiches, scones, and spongecake. Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance; find more details here.

Apothica Teas - Niles

Google Maps
Google Maps

Self-described as Victorian Steampunk, Apothica Teas claims to specialize in custom tea blends and delectable refreshments. Located on downtown Main Street, Apothica offers three tiers of Victorian tea experiences and is a perfect place, "To practice deliberate stillness and civilized mindfulness in a busy world."

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