Good news for anyone who wants to visit their loved ones at Henry Ford Health System buildings, the hospital has decided to make it easier to do so.

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On A Personal Note

I lost my grandfather back in March and while he was at Henry Ford Allegiance in Jackson and the visitor restrictions made it really hard for our family to get in there to visit. I know we were not the only ones who felt like we missed out on a chance to find some comfort and closure.

Multiple members of my family and friends work at Henry Ford in Jackson and I know how hard it has been on them not being able to let patients have visitors or having to be the only friendly, somewhat familiar face they get to see.

The easing up on hospital restrictions is a major step in the right direction on the road to putting this pandemic behind us. It truly is a sign of hope.

Why Now?

According to WILX, the decision from the hospital came as we have been seeing the lowest levels of COVID-19 hospitalizations since the middle of March this year.

"We recognize the importance of love and support when a patient is hospitalized or receiving care," Henry Ford's website states. "Because our patient care philosophy depends greatly on engaging families as part of the healing process, any decision to restrict visitation and limit family presence is difficult."

They did add, though, that the health and safety of patients and staff is their priority and so any rules that are in place are for their protection.

Restrictions That Remain

While things are easing up, we can't just go full-board and pretend this thing is COMPLETELY in the rear-view.

That's why there are still some restrictions in place, as reported by WILX and Henry Ford's website, such as:

  • All patients and visitors entering Henry Ford facilities must complete COVID-19 screenings.
  • Masks still must be worn by anyone over the age of five. That includes staff, patients and visitors.
  • All visitors should remain with the patient except for trips to the restroom or to go buy food. However, all visitors should also refrain from eating/drinking in the patient’s room or sharing the restroom.
  • Patients who are confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19 are not allowed to have visitors.
  • For more information, visit Henry Ford's Visitor Restrictions page.

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