So summer is here and we really haven't felt heat yet, but future forecasts are predicting it to be very hot next week. According to MLive, the heat wave could cover Michigan to Nebraska, with temperatures near or feeling like 100 degrees or more at some point late next week.

Flushed man feeling hot in front of a fan

That means early next week most of Michigan could be hanging around 90 degrees or more. Plus the hazardous weather outlook for excessive heat does take humidity into account as it is also used to measured humidity. The humidity will be higher next week too because our area could be seeing some of Hurricane Barry which is now down in the Gulf. But most of the long range weather models show Michigan and most of the Midwest in the 90s or higher by next weekend.

Make sure you stay cool and get your AC ready for next week cause it will be starting to feel like summer. You can find more information about the heat wave on MLive.

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