We told you earlier this week that a hands free law will go into effect Friday in Battle Creek. Governor Whitmer wants that to go statewide.

She brought up the idea during her State of the State address earlier this week. And the wheels are already in motion to make it a reality.

A bill was introduced in the State House by Rep. Mari Manoogian, D-Birmingham on Wednesday.

Michigan currently has a distracted driving law making it illegal to text and drive. (WILX)

This new bill would ban drivers from holding their phone while making calls, reading a text, posting to social media and so on, but drivers can still use their GPS and talk into a mounted phone as long as they're not physically holding it while driving.

First offense is $100. Second time would go up to $250.

If approved, Michigan would become only the 17th state to adopt a statewide hands free driving law.


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