If you've got your phone in your hand while driving in Battle Creek, the day after Valentine's you could get pulled over. And they would be happy to put a ticket in your other hand. And you're looking at a fine of about a hundred bucks.

Get caught doing it a second time, that goes up to $200. And that amount sticks for every offense afterwards.

The Battle Creek City of Commission voted unanimously to ban drivers from handling phones while behind the wheel.

If you're reporting an emergency that is the exception. And it's not a complete ban. It's just gotta be hands free.

Drivers can also still use their GPS and talk into a mounted phone as long as they're not physically using it while driving.

Now people caught by police will receive a $100 fine for the first offense, but it doubles to $200 for the second or next offense. (WILX)

This law goes into effect this Friday, February 15th.


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