You ever just find money? Like stumble upon it. And I'm not talking about finding your own money in your pants pocket. I mean you were walking somewhere like through a mall parking lot and there's a $20 spot laying on the ground. You could try to find the rightful owner but this is clearly lady luck smiling on you. Pretty lucky and pretty cool feeling right?

Or how about when you're hired or paid to do a job for someone and they slide you a little extra. You might say something like "that's not necessary" but they insist and you get a little bit of a bonus. Also pretty cool. All good vibes and good feelings.

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If you've ever had to work in the service industry (especially waist staff/servers in bars and restaurants), you bust your butt to make sure you provide great service and hopefully get a decent tip. And when someone does come through and takes care of you with a big tip, you get that feeling.

This is a story about all the feels and someone leaving a server A REALLY BIG TIP just in time for the holidays.

Someone left a server a $2021.00 tip on a $44.69 bill at a restaurant in Petoskey Tuesday morning.

You can take a look at the receipt below.

Becky Beer has been working at J.W. Filmore’s restaurant for 10 years, but she never expected what happened on Tuesday morning. An anonymous couple left her a tip for $2,021. Beer said she was immediately filled with gratitude and excitement. “I’ve seen it happen before,” she said. “I’ve seen it on the news but just never expected it to happen here, or to me.” (9and10news)

Apparently the anonymous couple are being credited with starting the “2020 Just Be Nice Tip Challenge” and they hope it will continue to inspire others. Becky said she plans on spending the money paying some bills.

Some good news about people helping people to finish off a pretty rough year.

Read the full story from our friends at 9and10news.

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