They take care of you, your kids, your pets, your hair, your mail, and your house year round. It may have never occurred to you to give them a little something extra for the holidays. Don't worry. You're not the only one.

A survey released by found that most American adults are reluctant when it come to holiday tipping for services.


In fact, 60% of people say they never tip their mail carrier, and 70% say they don't tip their trash and recycling collectors. Slightly less than half of 47% say they don't tip their child's teachers or caregivers, according to the survey results. (WILX)

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So we did the work for you. Who you should tip during the holidays and how much. Certain jobs and occupations prohibit actual cash or types of presents. So take a look and give accordingly. Mind you, these are just suggestions. But a little love during the holidays can go A LONG WAY year round. And as an added bonus, at the bottom of this list are the folks YOU CAN SKIP and JUST SEND A CARD. You're welcome. We're helping.

Barber/Hairdresser: Up to the cost of one haircut or a gift.

Beauty Salon Staff: Up to the cost of one salon visit divided for each staff member who works with you.

Babysitter: Up to one evening's pay and a small gift from your children.

Day Care Provider: $25 to $70 for each staff member who works with your children and a small gift from your children.

Personal Trainer: Up to the cost of one session or a gift.

Newspaper Delivery Person: Between $10 to $30, or give a small gift.

Mail Carrier: Small gift only. U.S. Postal Service employees may accept baked goods (homemade/store bought) items to share with the branch office. Customers may give edible arrangements and gift cards for merchandise or services valued up to $20 per interaction.

    • USPS Policy: Gifts cannot exceed $50 per calendar year. Giving cash, VISA, MasterCard, or gift cards that may be used as cash are prohibited per USPS's Employee Tipping and Gift Receiving Policy.
    • UPS Policy: UPS does not have a limit; tipping is left to customer's discretion.
    • FedEx Policy: Company policies discourage gift cash or gift cards. The driver will politely decline the holiday gratuity. If the customer is insistent, the driver may ultimately accept the gift.

Teacher: Consider a group gift with parents pooled funds.

Pet Groomer: Up to the cost of one session or a gift.

Dog Walker: Up to one week's pay or a gift.

Massage Therapist: Up to the cost of one session or a gift.

(Source Credit & Full List Here via Town & Country Magazine)

Here's Who You Can Skip (Send a Holiday Card Instead)

  • Accountant/CPA
  • Attorney
  • Auditor
  • Banker
  • Bookkeeper
  • Doctor, Dentist
  • Executive Coach
  • Members, Board of Directors or Trustees
  • Seamstress/ Tailor
  • Veterinarian

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