Cuts were announced in November. The first round of layoffs (roughly about 4000 white collar positions) were announced Monday.

Today we receive word that they are bringing 1000 jobs back to Michigan. Adding those workers to it's Flint assembly plant. And priority will be given to workers who were laid off at other plants.

GM said its adding those workers to its Flint assembly plant as it gets ready to launch the 2020 Silverado and GMC Sierra later this year.

Reuters is reporting GM will give priority in hiring to workers who were laid off at other plants. (WILX)

Also of note, after announcing cuts in November, making the first round this past Monday, THIS news of adding 1000 new jobs...

General Motors is posting an $8.1 billion net profit for 2018 as it got better prices for vehicles sold in the U.S., its most lucrative market. (WILX)

And with the up and down of layoffs and such, does that profit trickle down to the workers? Yes it does.

GM made $10.8 billion before taxes in North America, meaning big profit-sharing checks for about 46,500 union workers in the U.S.

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