Yes this has been a story for about a month as UK police were on the hunt for a guy that robbed a store and he had a striking resemblance to Ross from "Friends". There was a robbery at a Blackpool, England restaurant months ago and the Blackpool Police put up the picture of the man's face on their Facebook. Once people saw it they all assumed it was Ross from "Friends, or David Schwimmer, but obviously it couldn't have been as he was not in England at that time or has been there for a while. Hundreds of jokes and memes poured in and the police there had to put a stop to it as, "it wasn't a laughing matter" they said. You can see the video below from a UK News Network so you can see the resemblance the robber has to the actor.


Eventually the robber was found, even though it took most of the year but it didn't stop David Schwimmer from making his own video to show he didn't rob that store. You can see his parody video here. 

But it makes me wonder if that robber that is a doppelganger of David Schwimmer has ever tried to be an actor. Also they found the guy and he wasn't related to Schwimmer in any way, you can see what the Blackpool police said about it here.

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