The internet is divided about the latest pizza craze: Froot Loops pizza.

While most people are still debating if pineapple belongs on pizza, Fong's Pizza, an Iowa-based pizzeria, has added Froot Loops-topped pizza to its breakfast menu.

So, what ingredients are in the Froot Loops pizza? According to The Today Show, the “Loopy Fruits Pizza” features a “sweet cream cheese sauce base topped with mozzarella and, of course, a layer of Froot Loops along with a drizzle of Greek yogurt and condensed milk.”

"Making pizzas that are outside the box has always been a staple of Fong's," owner Gwen Page told the De Moines Register. "Now we're trying things out for breakfast pizzas."

DiGiorno Pizza’s Twitter account even voiced their opinion on the matter. “Please do not disrespect the word pizza like this," the company tweeted.

The local fan-favorite restaurant is busy concocting other unusual and unheard of combinations: They're currently working with other local businesses to release an avocado rangoon pizza and a vegan version of the already popular crab rangoon pizza. They are also working on creating a taco pizza, and will also be collaborating with Egg King for another pie that is sure to feature more uncommon ingredients.

Watch the pizza creation process, below.

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