It should not come as a surprise to us right? We've been getting used to this "self serve, do it yourself, it's quicker anyway" thing for a while haven't we?

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We've been ringing up our own groceries at Meijer. We've been using self checkout at Walmart and Target for a little bit too.

Last week we told you that self checkout has finally arrived at Costco in East Lansing. Costco has been using their own kiosks for a bit now to have you place your order from their food court.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

McDonalds. Same.

McDonald's Introduces Self-Service Kiosks
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So it's no biggie that Steak 'n Shake is next to embrace the "here's a kiosk, do it yourself" mentality is it?

You can dine in but order it at a kiosk and then come get it yourself.

You will still be able to enjoy your meal inside, but Biglari says the biggest change for customers will be that you will no longer order at a table.

The company says there won’t even be a counter with an attendant. Instead, you will use a self-serve kiosk to place your order. (WLNS)

This next line is what gets me.

The CEO of the company said, "...the change is a way to embrace efficiency and transitioning the service model to empower our guests to place and pick up their own orders". (WLNS)

They're empowering us to order and pick up our own food? Nobody is even going to bring it to the table for us? I don't want to feel empowered at the restaurant. I don't work here.

This feels more like a cost and overhead cutting move. They already said that during most of the pandemic, drive-through, delivery, and takeout- became their business. And they turned a 14% profit.

So if you want someone to serve you those delicious steakburgers and milkshakes, you should mosey on through the drive through.

If you come inside, it's all gonna be on you.

There was no word on when this quick-serve version of Steak 'n Shake was coming or if it would be in place here in Lansing. This appears to be their business model for now.

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