Have you ever had your bank account compromised? Hacked? Somehow or another they got in and you notice you money is gone?

I took a trip down south to visit my mother and I truly believe my card got compromised at a gas station. Not long after the trip, one day I go in to check my balance and it's low. Super low. Almost gone. I go and check to see multiple charges, at a gas station, in the area where I filled up while traveling.

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No matter how it happens, when your stuff gets hit it sucks. Luckily I stumbled onto this one before it was too late. I had to do some work and let the bank know, but we got it figured out and I got my money back.

But it was not an experience I'd like to go through again or wish on anyone.

And there are safeguards in place. I've had the bank call me to tell me about getting a new debit card because my account could be compromised. Some companies offer you free credit monitoring after an event to give you peace of mind.

It's that initial "find out" moment that kind of rocks your world.

So if you're a Michigan member of Humana and you haven't been alerted by them on this one yet, brace yourself.

And the numbers don't appear to be too high. Unless you're one of the folks affected. And trust us, the information that may have been exposed will definitely put you at risk.

Humana is notifying approximately 65,000 health plan members that their personal information may have been exposed after a subcontractor’s employee disclosed medical records to unauthorized individuals. Out of 65,000 health plan members, 1,100 of them are in Michigan. (WILX)

You can find out how this all went down from Humana, but what I want to know about is the timetable.

An employee of that subcontractor, who was authorized to access and use the data for Humana purposes, inappropriately disclosed information to unapproved individuals for unauthorized training purposes between Oct. 12, 2020 and Dec. 16, 2020. Humana was informed on Dec. 22, 2020. (Humana)

It's March. You knew in December. Why the delay in letting members know?

True to form they are offering free credit monitoring and identity theft protection for 2 years at no cost to members.

Got questions? They are indeed waiting for your call at 1-800-457-4708.

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