If your password made the list of "Most Popular Passwords of 2018" then you might want to change it ASAP. The new list came from Splashdata, which has their annual list of Worst Passwords of the Year. They went over more than 5 million passwords leaked on the Internet, and guess what Splashdata has summarized that we are still very predictable and have easily guessable passwords. So if your password or passwords made this list below then you might want to change them as they could be hacked very easy.

Here we go your Top 10 "Most Popular Passwords of 2018", plus it also includes if it went or down on the list.

  1. 123456 - Not changed from last year
  2. password - Not Changed
  3. 123456789 - Up 3 spots from 2017
  4. 12345678 - Trying to trick people with this one?
  5. 12345 - Unchanged from last year
  6. 11111 - Newly into the Top 10, maybe that's a good sign
  7. 1234567 - Look at #4 for analysis on this one
  8. sunshine - New password making the list
  9. qwerty - Has been in the Top 10 for years but down 5 spots
  10. 1loveyou - Unchanged from last year.

You can see more as they have upwards of 50 passwords on their "Worst Passwords" list, here. 


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