This is the 2nd FREE vaccination event from the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter. Date is this Wednesday, August 26th from 10 am to 3 pm.

This will be another dog only clinic providing rabies vaccines. Owners will also have an opportunity to purchase dog licenses at the same time. With the assistance of the PETCO foundation, the rabies vaccines being provided have no fee regardless of pet owners county residency. (ICACS)

The event was so successful last time, they are now changing the driving pattern to accommodate entering off of Kipp Rd near the Mason Meijer. Please see the map and where to enter in the Facebook post above.

Special shout out to the Petco Foundation for funding the free rabies vaccines regardless of pet owners county residency.

Ingham County dog licenses are required by state law, and are available for purchase at this vaccination clinic. Dog licensing fees are available HERE.

There are hopes that there will be a cats only event like this in September held at the shelter. We will keep you updated.

Information below is from the previous article and event earlier this year in July. 

Yes we're in the middle of a pandemic. Some local government services and agencies are operating at limited capacity and with limited services (see the Secretary Of State).

But a little while back, we told you that Ingham County would be cracking down on dog owners with animals that don't have their shots and licenses.

In Ingham County, it is a misdemeanor offense and it is taken seriously. Ingham County dogs MUST have a current dog tag affixed to their collar at all time. A dog license could be the difference between your lost dog being lost permanently or reunited with their owners.

Read More: Better Get Your Dog Licensed In Ingham County

So if you need to get your dog vaccinated (for free even) and licensed (there is a fee for that), there's a special event happening.

  • Social distancing practices will be observed.
  • All participants will be asked COVID-19 screening questions and be required to wear a mask. (ICACS)

Shots are free at this drive through event for your dog as long as they are car-friendly.

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